About Us

Blood & Bourbon is a fiercely independent literary journal run by storytellers, for storytellers.

Our Manifesto

1. Books are the most powerful and addictive things ever created by humankind. Ideas are powerful weapons. Authors are dangerous people.

2. Raw, unvarnished truth gleaned from living an unpasteurized life makes for more interesting reading than the average schlock. Write it how you feel it.

3. Any industry where control of worldwide content and distribution is coming under the control of fewer and fewer companies is marching towards dictatorship. All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people publish nothing.

4. Times are changing. Towering monoliths will be pulled to the ground, Great Houses shall fall. Empires are built on the rubble of past empires. Viva la revolución!

Our Team

Raya P. Morrison


Loves otters, Victorian-era architecture, clothing and literature, highland dance, taking baths, the ocean, tarot and divination.
Hates anise, fennel, when people say “hone in” when they mean “home in”, North American punctuation rules.

Lisa Meffe

editor at large

Loves butter, truffles, a good pen, a tight sentence, crosswords, kindness, self-effacing humour, and the oxford comma.
Hates low-fat anything, aspartame, verbosity, racquet sports, a lack of self-awareness, cruelty, and double spaces after periods. 

Jona Rhica Mejico

editor at large

Loves everything related to snail mail (letters! postcards!), tattoos, the rose gold/dusty pink colour palette, having full conversations with my dogs, hotate maki.
Hates snakes (can’t stand even cartoon drawings), ballpoint pens, when people spell “stationery” incorrectly, raisins, people who cut in line.

Shannon Parr

editor at large

Loves horror, magic realism, spooky, engaging stories that tackle fear, trauma and grief.
Hates sports stories or overlong meditations on unrequited love.

Rachel Ramkaran

editor at large / designer

Loves the forest, starry skies, poetic prose, a well-packed day bag, dark humor, fizzy water, and chasing flow. 
Hates redundancy, creepy basements, wasted food, cold feet, monotony, arrogance, and toxic individualism. 

We are looking for local businesses in Toronto, Halifax and Fredericton to partner up with or advertise in our publication.

If you are interested, please e-mail us at raya [at] raimorrison.ca for details.