Open for Submissions for Fall 2022

We are now open for submissions for the fall 2022 issue.

The theme of this issue is going to be Service. Has your main character joined the army or devoted their life to a strange god everyone else knows nothing about? Have you tried calling your long-lost lover only to find out their number is not in service? Do you have shocking or titillating stories from your service industry days? We want to hear them all!

Please submit your poem, short story or essay by August 12, 2022.

Visit our submissions page for more info on how to submit.

Open for submissions

We are open for submissions again for the next issue. The deadline is February 16, 2022.

Did you ever get caught in a tsunami? Did you experience a massive explosion firsthand? Were you ever in charge of a bachelorette party and ended up in an illegal casino in another city with a dead cellphone? Or did your parents ever walk in on you having sex in their bedroom in high school? Our theme for this issue is Catastrophe.

Full details can be found on our submissions page.

Open for submissions

We know that it has been a difficult (frustrating, heartbreaking) year for many. We sympathize, truly. But it has also been a year that showed us what isn’t working anymore, where we can be better and where we can grow — individually and as a society.

As we inch closer to 2021, we want to see how our fellow writers and the rest of humanity will start anew. What did we learn from this? What struggles are still ongoing but you feel empowered to participate in mitigating? What crap you just want to throw in the garbage can and set to flames?

Our theme for this issue is Begin Again.

Full details can be found on our submissions page.

Announcement from the founding editors

As the original creators of Blood & Bourbon literary┬ámagazine, we’re really pleased to announce that after six editions over the past four years, we’re handing the reins over to our dear friend Raya P. Morrison. When we first came up with the idea for the magazine, it was our karmic giveback to the writing community, providing a venue for new and unheard voices. We’re confident the magazine is in good hands, and can’t wait to see the new heights (and strange new places) to which Raya and the team take it.

— Phil Halton & Matt Lennox

Open for Submissions

We’re looking for all of your great writing for the 2019 edition of Blood & Bourbon!

The theme for this issue is: Getaway. Whether that’s a summer vacation with family, a long drive across the country to evade the cops, or what the old lady next door yells whenever you step on her yard, we want to hear your take on the word.

Full details can be found on our submissions page.