Blood & Bourbon – Spring 2018

The fourth edition of Blood & Bourbon has finally hit the shelves, and it is an interesting one. It includes contributions from: Zachary Honey, John W. Dennehy, Israela Margalit, Reggie Mills, Benjamin Fine, Rosaleen Bertolino, David Lefkowitz, Joel Minor, Jon Kemsley Clark, Bruce McDougall, Jeff Nazzaro, Daniel Uncapher, Pablo Javier Herrera, J. J. Steinfeld, Alexander Illingsworth and John Grey.

This is also the first edition to include material that was entirely generated by an A.I. – can you recognize non-human creative writing when you see it?

You can find it for sale in paperback or e-book here.

Anniversary & Launch Party

Friends, writers, bourbon (and blood) aficionados … come on out on December 12 to help us mark the one-year, 3-issue anniversary of our journal. The theme of our third issue is “Death.” What better way to punctuate the holiday season?

7PM on 12 December at 3030 Dundas West, Toronto. (Canada)


Submissions for Fall 2017 are Closed

Our inbox is absolutely overflowing with great material that you submitted to us about “Death.” We were a little worried about what we might receive, but so far in reading through the submissions, we are simply amazed at what people have written.

More to follow as we start to contact individual contributors, and start putting this issue together for our Fall launch party and one-year anniversary!