Open for Fall 2017 Submissions

The theme for the Fall 2017 edition of Blood & Bourbon is a simple one: “Death.”
We are looking for interesting and original takes on the subject, hopefully from a lot of different angles. As always, we like stories that are a little gritty, a little raw, and offer an unpasteurized view of life. We’re open to creative non-fiction that explores the subject, as well as fiction, poetry or black and white photography. It could be satire, speculative fiction, horror or some angle we haven’t even thought of. Surprise us with your originality.
We probably feel more definitive about what we don’t want than what we do. We are not interested in excessive violence or gore, genre fiction about vampires or zombies, or anything that feels like it has been done many times before. “Gritty” or “raw” doesn’t mean that you should try to shock us with your content – shock us instead with your deft handling of interesting subject matter that makes us want to read more.
See the information listed under “Submissions” for our guidelines.

Spring 2017 edition coming soon

We’re excited to let you know that the Spring 2017 edition of Blood &a Bourbon is coming together now and should be headed to the printers in about two weeks time.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this edition – we cannot wait to show you all the great material that we have been able to gather together!

Spring 2017 Edition Closed for Submissions

Thanks to everyone who submitted material for the Spring 2017 edition.  We have some really exciting new material that we cannot wait to publish in April.  We will again host a launch party when the new edition arrives from the printers, so watch this space to find out the details

Accepting Submissions – Spring 2017

With the launch of our inaugural edition in October fading into the past, we are beginning to prepare the next edition for Spring 2017.  This one has a theme – “Misadventure.”

We will be accepting submissions up to 28 February, 2017 – go to our submissions page to find out more.

And remember – every word you type is a bullet in the heart of the publishing autocracy that tries to keep good writers down!